05 mai 2009

Hi everybody , for my article on the blog I choose to talk about one of my favourite film-maker : Danny Boyle.

Danny Boyle, a name which sound very fashionable these times with the great success of Slumdog Millionaire, his last film which as won 8 oscars - it's moreover pretty funny to observe the difference of interest the film has aroused before and after the ceremony - I'll be back on it, but before, let's start by the beginning. Danny Boyle is an English film-maker born on 20 October 1956 in Radcliffe (Great Manchester), into a working class Irish Catholic family ; his social background had, moreover, a significant importance on the beginning of his work as a director (with the Bag of Money trilogy). Bound by his parents to a career of priest, he diverts rapidly from this way to start doing drama - which is for him some kind of logical continuation of the religious career. He said in an interview at this purpose " There's something very theatrical about it, it's basically the same job : poncing around, telling people what to think..." Here is the key of his talent : the mastery of the cinematic codes, to know how to tell people what to think visually. After a brilliant carreer in theatre, Boyle made his feature film directorial debut with Shallow Grave ("Petits meutres entre amis" in French), the first opus of the Bag of Money trilogy, three cult film dealing with the lack of money ( a thematic linked to his social background). Then, he continues the trilogy with the biggest English cinematic success : Trainspotting (8 900 000 £). He closes the trilogy with "A Life Less Ordinary" which doesn't received the expected success. His  come back with the massive popular success recently (Slumdog Millionaire) sum-up perfectly the size of Danny Boyle's talent : popular and of great quality.

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