05 mai 2009

Prisoners of Our Own Bodies

This so-called globalized world has lead humanity to nothing but wild, savage human-beings resembling perfectly the animal status they once were in. To start with, one should think about the most frequent terms on our mouth, succeeding of course the leader “money”. Technically, they are “Sex&Food” or “Food&Sex” (depending on how hungry the person is!). Seriously, has any day passed and one of us has succeeded to avoid hearing one of those sentences: “So, what do we have for dinner?”, “Did you sleep with her?”, “I'm starving! I need one of these gigantic cheeseburgers!”, “She's hot!”,.. Besides, how do we explain all these commercials of half-naked persons _ if not totally naked _ (again, depending on what type of magazine one's reading, or should I say watching!). No need to mention the TV channels because they're obviously over the edge! Or the fast food restaurants that are invading our neighborhoods! A lot of situations leave us rethinking of who we really are! Aren't we supposed to be civilized! Aristotle, speaking of the human-being, says he is “a civilized animal”. Well, I'm quite not sure about the first part! Furthermore, What about a man who had slightly drunk, had slightly sped up, had slightly got off the road, and passed totally away! If an innocent person didn't have a stupid body would he make it to commit a stupid suicide! If we didn't get shot by a gangster while going to the store! If we didn't get shot the wrong syringe by the overburdened nurse! If we didn't get swallowed by the avalanche trying to reach the summit of Everest! If we didn't jump from over the cliff or ate gallons of Jello trying to look like a hero and impress our beloved! Would we, insanely, die! Our body get us a nice date, promoted and even accepted! It's incontrollable! Life is absurd no matter heroic, brave, noble, loving, we are as long as it depends 100% on a hungry , vulnerable, hollow, imprudent body! So if you are thinking for once of a sweet escape from this mad world, succeeding in escaping your own body will be a far good step!

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    Je Me félicite de constater votre blog, cela aidera mon est à bien des égards.

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